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Co-branded credit cards

Seamlessly enter the international credit card market with Advanzia’s bespoke loyalty solutions

  • Amplify brand awareness to the top of the wallet

  • Gain a competitive advantage and enrich your product offering

  • Harness the fastest, most cost-effective route to market

  • Partner with Advanzia’s decades of unrivalled experience

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As ​the CaaS provider of choice for over 190 partners across Europe, we design, launch and manage white-label loyalty card programmes tailored to your needs, jurisdictions and client base.​

Co-branded credit card programmes as unique as you

  • Reinforce customer loyalty with tailored incentive schemes rewarding points and advantages

  • Enjoy borderless brand visibility with global contactless payments and zero FX fees

  • Meet your cardholders’ evolving needs with two-factor authentication and flexible financing

  • Offer a fully digital card experience with a mobile app and wallet and online onboarding

  • Boost and diversify your revenue streams and scale across multiple markets

Advanzia App

Customer loyalty, powered by Advanzia

  • We manage the full process end to end and assume all credit and fraud risk

  • We can launch your premium credit card programme in a matter of weeks

  • Our straightforward application process delivers your cards to customers’ wallets, fast

  • We offer one dedicated account management team for all of Europe

  • Our multilingual customer service centres deliver 24/7 support in seven languages

A bespoke solution aligned with your marketing goals

Business Partners Advanzia Bank

  • Choose from a range of card styles, from a standard gold card emblazoned with your logo to an image card that distils your branding

  • Choose your level of integration, from a simple add-on to your customer journey to the core of your customer-binding strategy

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